Main Street Flags

Each year the Club puts up American Flags along Main Street for holidays such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, the Fourth of July plus a few others. It takes dedication and time by the club to put up and take down the flags. However, when the Wounded Warriors come through town on their way to a rally in the mountains, the Mayor calls the club and asks the club to put the flags up for this and for other special occasions. Just an aside, when the club puts the flags up, they use a flag wagon that boldly states Mt. Pleasant Rotary Flag Wagon. This is a tow-along wagon with a place for all of the flags to stand up until they are put into place on the street. As the Rotary crew works their way down Main Street with the flag wagon and the flags blowing in the breeze, people stop to salute, cars beep their horns and others just cheer.