About the Mt. Pleasant Rotary

In March of 1924 the Mount Pleasant Rotary Club was formed and Eugene Warden was named the first president of the club. Since then the club has prided themselves on never having a member renamed as president, electing new leadership every year.

The Mount Pleasant Rotary club continues the organization’s reputation of “Service Above Self” with their continued involvement in projects in the community and their code of ethics “The Four-Way Test”, Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

The Rotary Club of Mount Pleasant was the very first Club of the Year in our District. It has been honored with that distinction four times in all. The Mount Pleasant Club is blessed with a great and growing membership that is firmly entrenched in the community and in Rotary’s work in the world.  The Club believes it has “Been An Inspiration” in our local community and in the world.

Community Service

In the small community of Mount Pleasant, the work that the local Rotary Club does is well respected by community leaders and residents as well. The Mayor knows that if you need something you just ask the Rotary Club. For example, each year the Club puts up American Flags along Main Street for holidays such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, the Fourth of July plus a few others. It takes dedication and time by the club to put up and take down the flags. However, when the Wounded Warriors come through town on their way to a rally in the mountains, the Mayor calls the club and asks the club to put the flags up for this and for other special occasions.

International Service

The club works to FIGHT DISEASE, not only this year but every year. Polio is the number one priority of Rotary International and its Foundation. Every single member in the club contributes every year to this effort.  In addition to supporting polio eradication, the club works locally by holding blood testing twice each year. These screenings, held at the local hospital, have helped save lives by catching cancers and other diseases early.

The club has been a major supporter of clean water for many years.  Last year was no exception. The Club, as a whole, was one of the first clubs in the district to contribute $999 to the water project in Thailand. Through the Thai Water Filter Project and through the clubs’ contributions to polio eradication, Rotarians in the Mount Pleasant Club are working hard to save mothers & children. The club has also supported the Solar Suitcase district project with a $1,000 contribution.

Club Service

The club has a Club Assembly monthly to keep the club informed of the Board decisions. New member inductions and not only new members but all members are encouraged to make announcements. Most every week we a program about our community or local community program or business.

Our club is a very busy club with many things going on monthly. We ask all members to be involved and help with our different programs and projects. We encourage new ideas and are very accepting of change.

We continue to 100% Sustaining members and every member will be contributing to Polio.